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Nankai Trough


Nankai Methane Hydrate Site (or Japanese Methane Hydrate R&D Program at Nankai, Nankai Trough Methane Hydrate Site) is located in the Nankai Trough, Japan.

The Nankai Trough is located beneath the Pacific Ocean off the southeast coast of Japan, and extends more than 700 km in a southwest-northward trending direction. The Nankai Trough is not only known as an active subduction and earthquake zone, but also for its large clathrate hydrate deposits occurring on the shelf and continental slope. Due to the combination of Japan’s lack of domestic fossil energy sources, along with a projected continued rise in energy consumption, the methane hydrate occurrences in Nankai Trough sedimentary sequences are increasingly the focus of energy resource studies. These resources have the potential to secure a supply of domestic natural gas to meet Japan’s needs for decades to come.

The Nankai Trough drilling site is of major interest, as recent research in the area has offered groundbreaking new insights concerning the occurrence of methane hydrate deposits in a marine environment.

Additionally, research at Nankai Trough is expected to promote... read more on Wikipedia

This information was updated on 12/07/2011

Recorded Datafields


Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation






34º 13' N - 137º 45' E

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