Mallik Gas Hydrate Research Site - Canada

Northwest Territories


The Mallik Methane Hydrate Site (or Mallik Gas Hydrate Production Research Well, Mallik test well) is located in the Beaufort Sea, Canada.

The Mackenzie Delta region on the coast of the Beaufort Sea is not only known for its remarkable Arctic scenery and iconic flora and fauna, but also for its large natural gas and oil deposits. Due to this combination of factors, natural gas occurrences in the Canadian Arctic Ocean region are increasingly the focus of energy resource and climate studies, which aim to develop knowledge of the formation, occurrence, and amount of natural gas hydrates in the area, its impacts on the environment, and what kind of natural and human induced changes may lead to the dissociation of these hydrates. The Delta lies at the mouth of the Mackenzie River where it enters the Beaufort Sea, approximately 2,200 kilometers northwest of Calgary, Alberta. The most important natural gas hydrate research site in the area, the Mallik gas hydrate field, was discovered in 1971 through an exploration well by Imperial Oil Ltd., and is located 50 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. As natural gas hydrates are assumed to underlie... read more on Wikipedia

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69º 27' 40" N - 134º 39' 30" W

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