Mount Elbert Gas Hydrate Research Site - United States of America

North Slope, Alaska

United States of America

Mount Elbert Methane Hydrate Site (or Mount Elbert Gas Hydrate Test Well, Mount Elbert test well)

The Alaska North Slope region (ANS) is largely known for its remote Arctic wildlife and setting, and prolific petroleum production from the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. However, natural gas hydrate accumulations on the North Slope are increasingly the focus of energy resource and climate studies, both of which seek to understand how much hydrate is located within this region and how those deposits may respond to natural and/or induced changes in pressure and/or temperature. The North Slope region lies north of the Brooks Range and is bounded by the Beaufort and the Chukchi Seas to the north and west, and the Canadian border to the east. While the ANS is remote, recent research in the region has offered groundbreaking insights concerning the potential to predict and identify significant occurrences of natural gas hydrates (NGH) in subsurface reservoirs, as well as its future production potential.

The Alaska North Slope region was identified by the USGS as an important hydrate-bearing region in the United States. Current USGS estimates indicate... read more on Wikipedia

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70.45564º N - 149.41079º W

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