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A UNEP global outlook on methane gas hydrates

Assessing the state of the knowledge

What is the UNEP Global Outlook on Methane Gas Hydrates?

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The United Nations Environment Programme via its collaborating center in Norway, UNEP/GRID-Arendal, has undertaken an assessment of the state of the knowledge of naturally occurring methane gas hydrates.

The UNEP Global Outlook on Methane Gas Hydrates seeks to bridge the gap between scientific, research and development activities related to this potentially large scale unconventional source of natural gas and the needs of decision makers and the general public to understand the underlying societal and environmental implications.

The Outlook aims to provide credible and unbiased information sourced from stakeholders representing the environment, government, industry and society.

2006 07 17 19 36 32 Two Types Of Hydrate In One Sample (O. Khlystov, Lin, Irkutsk)

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